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After the war, he came to reside in Cuba, where he wrote his masterpiece "The Old Man and the Sea" which appeared in Two years later he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. The prize money he donated to the people of Cuba. Ernest Hemingway with his strong personality and his powerful outward appearance was certainly a macho icon.

He had a conspicuously large scar on his forehead, which he reportedly was very unwilling to talk about. It had in fact occurred under less macho conditions - he is said to have fumbled with a bathroom window that he accidentally tore down hitting his head. In the scarred adventurer survived two!


One morning - July 2, - he took his gun and shot himself in the head. All this reflects, of course, his great talent for writing. This demonstrates the adventurous war correspondent in foreign counties.

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This is further enhanced by Jupiter in Scorpio on the Third House cusp, which rules the North Lunar node in Sagittarius and also disposes wayward and revolutionary Uranus on the IC - which in turn rules the Sixth House of work, daily routines and health. We get the image of the adventurer and war reporter, constantly involved in turbulent and maverick activities of all kinds.

The prominent Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo in the First House also demonstrates the war correspondent and adventurer, as well as the eye-catching scar on his forehead. Mars also governs the Eighth House of death and shows the tragic suicide as he ended his life with a gunshot to the forehead Mars in the First House. The Ascendant in Mercury-ruled Virgo reflects his linguistic accuracy and frugality with words. Leo-Mercury in the Twelfth House I think describes Hemingway very well - strong imagination and creative thinking, the ability to "feel into" the environment as well as the paradoxical nature of his being-in-the-center-personality Leo and his authorship in seclusion and solitude Twelfth House.

The horoscope ruler Mercury is disposed - through Leo - by the Sun in sensitive Cancer in the Moon-ruled Eleventh House friends, groups, but also interests and visions.

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Friends Eleventh House apparently played a large role in the author's life and perhaps he experienced the writers' and artists' circle in Paris in the s as his extended family Cancer. He was often called Papa Hemingway. The Moon in Capricorn suggests his conflicts with the mother but also indicates a hard working person with a certain emotional distance. On the Fifth House cusp it reflects his strong urge to be creative.


The Moon is in its waxing phase, moving towards Full Moon, suggesting resources, targeting, and a desire to make life worthwhile, to find out the meaning of it all. The spread of planets throughout the horoscope - with a preponderance of the fourth quadrant and the eastern hemisphere - demonstrates a self-motivated person who wants to stake out his own course, who needs freedom and who wants to leave his mark on the world.

Navigering Hem. Albert Einstein. Anne Frank.

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She preferred potential applicants who were born under certain constellations , such as Capricorns, Libras and Pisces. To some it may seem like a bad joke, but it's not funny to qualified applicants desperate for a job who get turned away because of the company's credence in astrology.

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It's not the first time an employer has come under fire for zodiac sign discrimination. That advertisement prompted an investigation by authorities. Remarkably, they concluded that the company's stated preference for certain astrological signs was not illegal: not because there was any validity to astrology or because the practice was not discriminatory, but because at the time, Austrian laws regulating equal opportunity in hiring only applied to discrimination by gender, age and race.

In other words, it was legal because the law was not specifically written to include applicants being denied jobs because of their astrological sign. There are very strong similarities between astrology and racism. Think clean open rooms, perhaps with pops of the colour red throughout to evoke a sense of power to keep your energy flowing, recommends Gordon.

Taurus April 20—May 20 : An earth sign, you crave earthy textures like wood and stone. Lots of flowers will make you happy, says Gordon, so too decorating in earth tones like greens, blues and browns.

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Comfort is key here so consider investing in a die-for comfy couch that you can just sink into. Bring on the throws and pillows. Gemini May 21—June 20 : You love to communicate through decor like furniture and art work. Best to move things around too — assign paintings and furniture a new space every now and then. Be in harmony by mixing and meshing different styles and prints, and keeping things eclectic, youthful and fun, suggests Gordon.

Cancer June 21—July 22 : Home needs to feel like a cozy, safe retreat. Surround yourself in soft fabrics, like warm wooly throws and lots of plush pillows, she says. Brush up on warm whites, creams and silver. Leo July 23—August 22 : Light, camera, action! Go for lots of sunlight, elegant window dressings, and spectacular chandeliers — glamour galore. Warm hues of golds, yellow, rust and bordeaux with gold accents woven throughout will make it home.

Virgo August 23—September 22 : Logical and governed by routine, your home needs to run efficiently. Things have to be functional and practical — forget working at the kitchen table, instead create a dedicated workspace.