February 25 2020 astrology uranus retrograde

In this period, according to horoscope , we return to morality, and we are bothered by any injustice, but it is also a time when we find it difficult to make decisions. As LoveHoroscope says, in case we need to sign contracts, it would be good to delay it. Issues in the relationship with the partner can occur. Venus in apparent retrograde motion is a period when we reconsider all our values the value of a romantic relationship, the value of a partner, personal value, material goods, money in order to figure out if they still make sense or if they need to be adjusted. This is a time when we rethink certain contracts, associations, partnerships, when friends or lovers from the past reappear in our lives, and when we reevaluate certain relationships, purchases, values, wishes, and present necessities.

Venus retrograde in Gemini will teach us that expressed love can solve any issue. During this period, the Aries is going to feel blocked, in the impossibility to successfully finalize any plans. The natives will feel frustrated and helpless. They need to be patient and to take as much time as they need. During the retrograde motion of Jupiter, people tend to learn from their own experience certain lessons related to faith, and some situations can occur when it is necessary to make adjustments regarding large-scale projects.

During the periods when Saturn is in retrograde motion, you will encounter delays or blockages while doing certain activities, but it depends very much on what house from the natal map is Saturn retrograde in transit, and if in that house Saturn meets other personal planets, the situation will be completely personalized.

You will work harder or you will make a bigger effort to accomplish your plans, and it is not excluded to make certain adjustments or to reevaluate your plans for better efficiency. Usually, Saturn requires better organizing and restructuring of information.

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The relationship with certain authorities becomes more complicated, so in order to finalize any action, you will need patience and perseverance. While Uranus is in retrograde motion, it is good to expect any kind of surprises. Uranus can cause extreme situations and chaos, but it can also bring unforgettable moments! You can be overwhelmed by anxiety or the desire the make changes during this period, this is why it is recommended to take time to analyze yourself and to determine the cause of these states, and what you need in order to evaluate to a new level. It is indicated to write down any idea that comes to your mind, no matter how strange or absurd it might seem.

Starting a journal is a wonderful idea. Neptune is the planet of dreams and imagination, and its retrograde motion is Pisces, the sign that it governs, comes with a strong impact on these natives, but also on the other astrological signs. Neptune in Pisces urges us towards mysticism, forcing us to listen to our intuition and imagination, to use our imagination, to explore our fantasies, while its retrograde motion compels us to face the reality, to not let ourselves prey to dreams, it brings us with the feet on the ground, and it makes us face our fears and anxieties.

This is a time when hidden secrets and truths can come out. Basically, Pluto retrograde is associated with the demolition and destruction of certain situations out of the necessity to innovate and to find motivation, truth, and inner peace. It gets us ready for a period of major changes, rebirth, and full reconstruction when it will restart its direct motion.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is pushing us to investigate our organizing capacity, self-control, and self-education, the capacity to plan, to take concrete actions, to manage resources, and the ability to progress to a new level through our own efforts, work, maturity, and seriousness. The phase of the moon during birth has a particular influence on the behavioral characteristics, four typologies being distinguished:. People born during the first quarter day 1 — day 7. They like to take initiative, especially in the love life, they are very determined, and they have all the chances to succeed in life.

They sometimes tend to have exaggerated reactions. They find success early on in life because of the ambition and determination they prove.

People born during the second quarter day 7. This year, Uranus will begin its retrograde movement on August 11, , and will continue until January 10, Uranus rules Aquarius and we often clump them together in our study and understanding of them. There are similarities, but also differences. Aquarius is a sign that is part of our 12 sign zodiac.


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Signs are also known as domains of consciousness. Aquarius, as a domain of consciousness, is coming from Capricorn and moving toward Pisces. It is greatly influenced by both of these signs and all the signs in the wheel. They can work together, but they are independent. Uranus is a free agent. Uranian energy, on its own, is not weighed down by expectations. It is not encumbered by form. It is the best example we have of truly free-thinking. It has nothing to prove to anyone else. Uranus as an archetype is unbound.

Having a hard time focusing long enough to read this sentence, let alone this entire blog of words? Imagine lightning in your veins or serious ants in your pants. And going to sleep…forget it! Uranus represents liberation, innovation, collective memory, change, revolution, free spirit, mental brilliance, and unconventionality. Uranus represents breaking away from the mainstream.

It is the desire to be rid of old conditions and constraints. Imagine The Fool in the Tarot who is about to step off the cliff, not knowing where she will land. But, like an acrobat, you may learn to enjoy the formless and timeless seconds between take-off and landing.

The Three Major Planetary Cycles That Will Begin in 2020:

If you are having moments of realization that seem beyond logic, you have the awakening bug. And it will bite until it gets through, so accept the initiation and let the change begin! Uranus transits and aspects often reflect areas of life where sudden change, disruption, rebellion, and stress manifest.

Uranus in Taurus Goes Retrograde until 2020! August 2019 Astrology

Some astrologers associate these signatures with the experiences of trauma, and Uranian events can certainly feel that way. Uranus activity is prone to releasing anxiety and other psychological distress — anything to champion that change! On the flipside, Uranus signatures also reflect true genius, mind-blowing creativity, and the freedom to express ourselves authentically.

Uranus retrograde is a prime time for making internal changes. This internal change is often prompted by external changes in our lives. During retrogrades, we have the opportunity to revisit, reclaim, revision, and reconnect with the energy represented by the planet. With Uranus, we can tap into our own sense of freedom and individuality.

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Uranus wants to unlock any cages around us so we can fly with our own wings, in our own direction, and in our own time. It wants us to fully be who and what we are without restriction. Liberating your mind, heart, body, or spirit may lead to changes in your relationships, routine, work, creative endeavors, interests, and other adventures.

Mercury Retrograde October-December 12222

Uranus stands for the you who simply wants to be who you are, and live as you are, celebrating and advocating independence, authenticity, and ingenuity. This retrograde begins at 6 degrees Taurus and ends at 2 degrees Taurus. What happens if these things are ripped away? Is your sense of identity tied up in them? What do you truly value? Are you making good use of what you do have? Either way, get creative and initiate some shaking up in order to restructure your life in a way that truly supports you.

Taurus corresponds with physical resources and the Earth itself, so this transit is also a wake-up call when it comes to our relationship with Mother Nature. When too much pressure builds up, eventually things break. We need to find better ways to exist, especially environmentally, and this is a great time to start making a bigger difference.

Take a proactive approach and start saving a little more. Do something to heal the planet — even something as simple as turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth. Explore how you can do with less, which leaves more for what you deeply desire and value. Uranus retrograde encourages us to emancipate ourselves. We each know, deep inside, how we are imprisoned, and who holds the key to our cage.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces February

Most astrologers agree that retrograde periods are best used to internally process things and to implement these changes externally when the planet turns direct. Take this with a dose of reality. Why would you wait to make a change that will immediately make your life better?