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Understanding the archetypal configurations in our natal charts and the evolving activation of their potentials in relationship to our personal transits can be one of the most deeply informative, psychologically orienting, and emancipating experiences in one's life. I find the archetypal astrological perspective to be indispensable and unparalleled in its capacity to empower our conscious agency to more skillfully participate in the archetypal currents coursing through our lives.

I offer two basic types of readings. The most in-depth consultation is the minute format and consists of a full natal chart interpretation and planetary transit analysis of the past, present, and several years into the future.

By Michael Garfield

The questionnaire also provides the opportunity to share in chronological order the most important events, turning points, challenging periods, and triumphs of your life. This provides me the opportunity to study in depth and calculate the transits for the major events prior to our session.

This is an important process I take very seriously and spend a minimum of 3 hours prior to our 90 minute session exploring your biography. During the reading we will first explore the natal planetary configurations, their multi-valent possible expressions, and the best ways to participate in their nearly limitless potential manifestations.

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Then we will look at the important events in your life history and the correlating planetary transits to gain insight into the way in which you are experiencing and participating in the archetypes through the stages of your life. After exploring the natal chart and early life transits, we dive into the current and future planetary alignments to help empower you to align with the most life-enhancing potentials and develop the most co-creative relationship with the archetypal forces informing your life path.

A copy of the planetary notations I will make on your questionnaire, and the calculations for the specific months of activation for your forthcoming transits for the next several years. And a copy of your natal chart of course.

Archetypal Astrology

The second type of reading does not utilize the preparatory questionnaire and is grounded in a more intuitive-emergent-phenomenological-methodology where I share with you the basic potentials and proclivities I see in your natal chart and in dialogue we explore any transits form the past, present, or future that you would like to understand or that I recognize to possibly be important.

RSVP here to participate for free. A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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